Calculated from: ANOVA_OneWay_Pairwise_Comparisons.csv using R.
P-value: 0.0126
F (2, 27) = 5.1639

Written as a sentence
IV had a significant effect on Value; F (2, 27) = 5.16, p < 0.05.

Bonferronni-corrected pairwise significance (T-Test)
Pairwise significance was found between mental and medical (p < 0.05).

Test assumptions
Your data must have these characteristics for this test to be valid.
1) The independent variable should have at least two independent categorical groups.
2) The dependent variable is either an interval or a ratio variable.
3) The dependent variable is normally distributed for each category or group of the independent variable.
4) Variances between independent groups are equal.

Interpreting results: recommended readings
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1) Warning Signs in Experimental Design and Interpretation
2) Type I and Type II Errors

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