Two-Way ANOVA with Repeated Measures
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How to format your data file:
1) This file includes two tables, one below the other. The tables must be separated by a blank row.
2) The first table has two columns, one for each independent variable (IV A and IV B).
3) The first column in the second table contains the subject number. Subsequent columns contain the values for each combination of the independent variables.
4) Convert your file to the csv (comma-separated values) format.
Don't enjoy formatting? Download the example data file.

Example data file

Test assumptions
Your data must have these characteristics for this test to be valid.
1) The independent variables should have at least two independent categorical groups.
2) Dependent variable is either an interval or a ratio variable.
3) Dependent variable is normally distributed for each category or group of the independent variables.
4) Variances between groups are equal.

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