Independent Samples T-Test

Calculated from: T_Test_Independent.csv using R.
Group A: mean: 24.39, standard deviation: 6.17, standard error: 1.71
Group B: mean: 15.37, standard deviation: 3.34, standard error: 1.01
P-value: 0.0002
Degrees of freedom: 19
T-statistic: 4.5461

Written in sentences
There was a significant difference between Group A (mean = 24.39, s.d. = 6.17) and Group B (mean = 15.37, s.d. = 3.34); t (19) = 4.55, p < 0.001.

Test assumptions
Your data must have these characteristics for this test to be valid.
1) The values in each group are normally distributed.
2) A minimum of ten samples is recommended.
Note: the Welch's T-Test variant was used for this calculation.

Interpreting results: recommended readings
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2) Type I and Type II Errors

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