Kruskal-Wallis One-Way Analysis of Variance

Calculated from: Kruskal_Wallis.csv using R.
P-value: 0.0011
χ² (chi-squared): 13.68
Degrees of freedom: 2

Mean Ranks
Group.A: 8.15
Group.B: 15.80
Group.C: 22.55

Written as a sentence
A significant difference was found; χ² (2) = 13.68, p < 0.005.

Pairwise significance (Mann-Whitney)
Pairwise significance was found between Group B and Group A (p < 0.05), and Group C and Group A (p < 0.01).

Test assumptions
Your data must have these characteristics for this test to be valid.
1) All observations are independent.
2) Each group is independent
3) The groups are identically distributed (the normal distribution is not mandatory).

Interpreting results: recommended readings
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1) Warning Signs in Experimental Design and Interpretation
2) Type I and Type II Errors

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