Dependent (Paired) Samples T-Test

Calculated from: T_Test_Paired.csv using R.
Group A: mean: 101.37, standard deviation: 23.96, standard error: 7.58
Group B: mean: 84.62, standard deviation: 10.78, standard error: 3.41
Mean difference: 16.75
P-value: 0.0150
Degrees of freedom: 9
T-statistic: 2.9973

Written as a sentence
There was a significant difference between Group A and Group B (mean difference = 16.75), with a 95% confidence interval from 4.11 to 29.39; t (9) = 3.00, p < 0.05.

Test assumptions
Your data must have these characteristics for this test to be valid.
1) The values in each group are normally distributed.
2) Values on the same row are from the same subject.
3) A minimum of ten samples is recommended.
Note: the Welch's T-Test variant was used for this calculation.

Interpreting results: recommended readings
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